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Investors' account security is important to us and to offer a very safe investing experience our system employs multiple layers of protection and provide several authentication factors to keep your data safe.
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May 30, Saturday

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As a crypto trading company, Solvento specializes in developing AI and ML based trading solutions utilized in volatile crypto markets. By accurately identifying high opportunities, we strive to capitalize on the timing of short term trade positions in cost effective manner which enables us to provide more valuable return to our investors.

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Exploiting The Volatility in Crypto Markets

In this challenging and fast-changing environment facing the global community, Solvento offers a viable opportunity to all investor types to help significantly strengthen their portfolio performance.

About Solvento

Solvento develops AI and ML based trading and forecasting technologies and algorithms to be utilized in volatile crypto markets which allows us to provide clients with high investment return while mitigating risk.

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Investing With Solvento

Harnessing the strength in research and trading expertise, Solvento provides an equal opportunity to all investor types to safely invest in any of the two investment products.

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Why Solvento?

UK Registered Company

Solvento Ltd is a crypto trading company incorporated in United Kingdom on 21st September 2019.

Daily Trading Reports

Our daily trading reports can provide an investor with useful insights into our trading process.

Multi-level Affiliate Program

Our generous affiliate program supports three affiliate levels and can generate up to 8% commission per referral.

DDoS Protection

DDos protections services are employed to secure the operation of the infrastructure, and to prevent cyber attacks and service downtimes.

Attractive Bounty Program

Bounty program is an additional option to earn extra income by engaging in a variety of simple tasks.

24/7 Professional Support

Solvento always welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions or inquiries you may have.

Core Principles Powering Our Technology

From machine learning to enhanced traditional risk enforcement, we build a highly optimized and efficient trading system that plays a fundamental role in bringing exciting results for our investors.
Using Machine Learning to Empower The Volatile Crypto Market

Being a subset of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) allows our trading systems to continuously parse an enormous amount of financial data points to build predictive financial models. This process facilitates our trading platform to learn and autonomously improve the overall trading process over time.

Enhanced Trade Execution

Utilizing our proprietary technology in a cost effective manner, ML enables us to locate correlated patterns that reflect the crypto market waves more accurately than traditional methods. By monitoring the trading environment for predictive signals, we can instantly determine the strategic entry and exit points to execute trades without human intervention.

Managing Risks

As with any trading process, there are potential risks involved even when the ML based predictions are finely tuned to identify past market patterns and characteristics. Fortunately, our constantly evolving smart monitoring system also enhances the traditional risk management models and considerably reduces the exposure to risk factors in the market.

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a mutually beneficial partnership which allows affiliates to generate revenue and incentives on all clients they refer to the project.

4% - 6% Recurring Commission

Affiliate program can generously provide up to 7% commission per referral.

Multi-level Affiliate System

Currently our affiliate program supports three affiliate levels.

No Deposit Requirement

Our affiliates are not required to have an active investment in the project in order to earn commission.

Representative Level

All affiliates are eligible to sign up and receive a Local Representative status with the reward of 7% representative commission.

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